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September 11, 2023
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Pair of Thieves: Revolutionizing Basics with a Commitment to Accessibility and Social Impact

Introduction: A Brand Born from Frustration and Innovation

Pair of Thieves emerged from the collective frustration of three close friends who were tired of compromising on basic essentials like socks. Launched in 2014, the brand quickly gained traction, selling out at Target stores across the U.S. Today, Pair of Thieves has evolved into a team of basics enthusiasts who are not just creating top-notch products but also making significant contributions to social causes. To ensure that their digital presence is as inclusive as their brand ethos, Pair of Thieves partnered with Zenyth for comprehensive accessibility services.

Scope of Work: A Multifaceted Approach to Accessibility

Our engagement with Pair of Thieves was designed to be both comprehensive and ongoing, covering various aspects of digital accessibility:

  • Style Guide and Brand Guide Review: Assessed the use of brand assets, colors, and fonts for accessibility compliance.
  • Design Concept: Annotated Figma/XD designs with ADA feedback.
  • Design Iterations: Provided ADA design feedback through multiple rounds of iteration.
  • Development Build Audit: Conducted an accessibility audit of the development build.
  • Scanning Tools: Utilized automated scan tools to identify potential accessibility issues.
  • Documentation: Documented the results for transparency and future reference.
  • Final Screen Reader Testing: Performed manual keyboard and screen reader testing.
  • Remediation Oversight: Supervised the implementation of accessibility features.
  • Ongoing Oversight: Continuous auditing, oversight, and compliance for all new brand campaigns and builds.

Social Impact and Accessibility: A Harmonious Blend

Pair of Thieves has been a trailblazer not just in product innovation but also in social impact. Their Good Fits Collection and various charitable donations stand testament to their commitment to making a difference. By ensuring their digital assets are accessible, Pair of Thieves extends this commitment to inclusivity.

Conclusion: Setting a New Standard in Accessible Fashion and Social Responsibility

Through its partnership with Zenyth, Pair of Thieves has set a new standard for digital accessibility in the fashion industry. This case study serves as a compelling example of how a commitment to digital accessibility can significantly broaden a brand's reach and impact. By adhering to WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards and committing to ongoing compliance, Pair of Thieves ensures that its innovative products and social impact initiatives are accessible to a diverse and inclusive audience.

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