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At Zenyth, we're dedicated to guiding organizations towards a more accessible digital landscape. Our free accessibility assessment, powered by a comprehensive advanced automated scanning technology aligned with industry-standard practices and logic, provides high-level insights into common errors, areas that require manual testing, and actionable insights to enhance your accessibility compliance. Join us in this essential journey towards accessibility, because understanding your current state is the first step towards an inclusive future.

96.3% of home pages had detected WCAG failures!
The WebAIM Million

The 2023 report on the accessibility of the top 1,000,000 home pages.

Zenyth's Free Accessibility Assessment: A Comprehensive Analysis

Welcome to Zenyth's free accessibility assessment, a robust evaluation designed to provide you with insights into your current accessibility compliance. Utilizing advanced automated scanning technology, our assessment offers a snapshot of common errors and areas that require further attention. It's more than a compliance tool; it's a strategic guide to help you connect with a broader audience and foster an inclusive digital environment.

What's Included in the Free Assessment?

Our free accessibility assessment covers various aspects of digital accessibility, including:

  1. Website Scan:
    An automated scan of your website to identify common accessibility errors and areas requiring manual testing.
  2. Accessibility Best Practices:
     Guidance on industry best practices and how to implement them within your organization.
  3. Customized Summary Report:
    Receive a concise report with findings and actionable insights tailored to your specific needs and industry.
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Why Choose Zenyth?


Our data visualization experts work hand-in-hand with your team to transform complex public data into meaningful, accessible insights.


We adhere to WCAG 2.1 level AA guidelines, ensuring that your digital assets meet the required standards.


We work closely with you throughout the process, providing insights, support, and clear communication.

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