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Our thorough mobile audits examine your application's accessibility conformance, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring adherence to WCAG 2.1 level AA standards and beyond.

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We understand that embarking on a web accessibility journey can be overwhelming, especially when clients are unsure of where to begin. That's why we are here to help. We are pleased to offer a free estimate service to assist you in understanding the scope and requirements of your web accessibility project. Our expert team recognizes the challenges you may face and is dedicated to providing you with the guidance you need.

By assessing your application's current state and identifying potential barriers, we can offer valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment to accessibility means that we will work closely with you to outline the necessary steps and resources involved in achieving compliance. Take the first step in creating an inclusive digital experience by requesting your free estimate today.

Mobile App Auditing: Harnessing Technology for Inclusive Design

In today's digital landscape, mobile apps are integral to businesses of all sizes. At Zenyth, we understand the importance of ensuring that your mobile applications are accessible to all users. Our comprehensive accessibility testing services for native mobile apps are designed to ensure that your app meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1 level AA) as identified in WCAG2ICT or Section 508 Trusted Tester native application methodologies, depending on project requirements.

Utilizing Advanced Tools for Initial Assessment

Our audit process begins with the use of advanced tools that help us identify the 'low hanging fruit' - the most easily identifiable and rectifiable accessibility issues. For iOS, we use Xcode Accessibility Inspector and GSCX (Google Scanner for Accessibility). For Android, we use Google Accessibility Scanner, Accessibility Insights for Android, and Axe for Android. These tools allow us to quickly identify and address common accessibility issues, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in our quest to make your app accessible to all.

Manual Auditing: In-Depth Analysis for Comprehensive Accessibility

Following the initial assessment with our advanced tools, we conduct a thorough manual audit. This involves a detailed, hands-on approach where we evaluate each element on your app's screens.

Mobile Audit Service

Our Manual Auditing Process Includes:

  • Screen reader testing:
    We test your app with built-in device accessibility features and screen readers like Voiceover and Voice Control on iOS, and TalkBack and Voice Control on Android. This ensures that all content is accessible to visually impaired users.
  • Compatibility with built-in accessibility features:
    We also check your app's compatibility with the device's built-in accessibility features. This ensures that your app can be used effectively by all users, including those who rely on these features for navigation and interaction.

The Recheck Process: Ensuring Successful Remediation

The journey towards digital accessibility extends beyond the initial audit and identification of accessibility issues. At Zenyth, we're committed to supporting you through the remediation process, ensuring that the changes you implement based on our audit findings are effective and meet the WCAG 2.1 level AA standards. This commitment is not just about ticking boxes—it's about making a real impact on the accessibility of your website.

Once remediations are in place, we initiate the recheck process. Our team of experts thoroughly reviews the implemented changes, providing detailed feedback and guidance. This crucial phase verifies that the remediations have been done correctly or offers further guidance to fully achieve the desired outcome. It's about ensuring your digital space is truly inclusive and accessible to all users. The recheck process underscores our commitment to universal digital accessibility—we're not just here to identify issues, but to ensure they're effectively addressed.

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